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There are several factors that are considered by the Michigan judge when determining whether alimony/ spousal support should be awarded in a Michigan divorce or a Michigan separate maintenance case.  The factors to be considered, evaluated, and determined by the judge are:

  1. The past relations and conduct of the parties.
  2. The length of the marriage.
  3. The ability of the parties to work.
  4. The source and amount of the property awarded to the parties.
  5. The age of the parties.
  6. The ability of the parties to pay alimony.
  7. The present situation of the parties.
  8. The needs of the parties.
  9. The health of the parties.
  10. The prior standard of living of the parties.
  11. General principals of equity.

In Michigan, there is no specific mathematical formula for determining whether or not spousal support should be awarded, the amount of spousal support that should be awarded or the length of time that spousal support should be awarded.  In Michigan, each case for spousal support is dependant upon the unique factors of the case and the judge assigned to the case.