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ABOUT ROBERT MENDERSOnce Child Custody has been determined, and the parties cease to reside in the same home, the Court enters an Order simultaneously with Child Custody, for Child Support.

Child Support is the financial obligation on the part of the non-custodial parent to help with the costs associated with raising the child or children-typically food, clothing, shelter, entertainment, uncovered medical expenses, extra curricular activities, etc.  This number is determined in accordance with the Michigan Child Support Guidelines, which essentially utilizes the net monthly income of each party and number of children subject to the Custody Order.  The Court may, upon appropriate petition, consider additional factors which may tend to raise or lower Child Support.  Support Obligations continue concurrent with the Custody Order, typically until the minor child reaches the age of 18 years or finishes High School, but in no event beyond 19 and 1/2 years.  This is pursuant to State Law.  There are other circumstances where Child Support may be terminated before said time frame, as is the case where a minor becomes ’emancipated,’ and lives on their own.