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Two types of post judgment modifications typically filed in Michigan


Because of the typical length of time Child Custody and Child Support Orders remain in effect, circumstances which at one time undery the reasoning for said Orders may change, necessitating Modification of said Orders.  Most common occurs where one of the parties relocates for job or a subsequent marriage.  Other common reasons to Modify Judgments and Orders occur where there is an increase of decrease in income of the parties, which is very common given the current economic climate, particularly in Michigan.  Additionally, the parties are always free after entry of the Divorce Decree, to modify their own agreement regarding property. For example, one party will offer to ‘trade or buy out’ some type of property interest of the other, which was previously addressed in the Divorce Decree.


It is not uncommon where one of the parties fails, for whatever reason, to comply with terms expressly provided for in the Divorce Decree or Judgment as it is often referred to.  Most comomon problems which lead to enforcement necessity are failure to transfer property, real or personal, failure to pay debt held in the parties’ joint names, failure to refinance various financial obligtations so as to remove one of the parties as a co-debtor, typically on a mortgage or vehicle.  Often times, an individual found to be in a ‘willful’ violation of an Order or Judgment of the Court will be assessed attorney fees for the aggrieved party.